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We publish new or indie authors that offer unique, deviant, or socially conscious fiction literature...

Current Authors:

L.E. Flinders, The Wolves Within Our Walls  
(release date:7/10/17)

We support IBPA standards:




Twitter: @PruplePill

Mailing Address: 

Will Update shortly**

Pruple Pill Publishing LLC is a small independent publishing company with a limited capacity for new authors at this time.

Our goal is to amplify the voices of quality amateur literary artists that would typically be overlooked by traditional publishers.  We specifically seek out thought-provoking social commentary in the form of dark or unusual fiction.

We also seek to amplify voices of women, racial minorities, LGBTQ, and other marginalized groups as a preference. Please do not hesitate to contact with inquiries.

Concentration areas: Dystopian, Utopian, Speculative Fiction, and other forms of dark introspective novels.

Somewhere between a dark reality and a comfortable fiction, the pruple pill persists.


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