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Would you like to be published by Pruple Pill Publishing LLC? Learn about our submission process below. . . 
Option 1: General Submissions
You may submit query letters or manuscript portions to us at any time for consideration. Due to our small size (a micro press), we have limited means and are particular about what to spend our time, money, and energy on publishing/marketing.
However, we also like to keep an open mind and can discuss a variety of options with you regarding our possible involvement in bringing your project to life.  Please do not send your entire manuscript unless submitting via contest and in accordance with rules of contest.
*exception: Flash fiction or short fiction may be submitted in full, but is unlikely to be published outside of a compilation book with other authors.
General Submissions should be sent either to or to our P.O. Box address:
Pruple Pill Publishing LLC
P.O. Box 74416
Metairie, LA 70033
Option 2: Contest Submission

You may also submit to us via contest. From time to time, we may have a compilation work that we wish to publish along a certain theme. If you submit via contest, you will get full author credit for your work, along with a cash prize and free copy of final product, but will not receive regular royalties and will agree to sign over all rights to publication of your submitted work in exchange for these benefits.

Current Contests:

There are no current contests at this time.

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